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[XenGenTr] OG:image Sistemi - Xenforo 2 1.1.0

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[XenGenTr] OG: images System
  • A plug-in for Xenforo 2. Briefly Open Graph (OG) Let's talk about what it means.
  • Open graph is an application which aims to make the site shares on social media become qualified and semantic.
  • Facebook is open to all parts of the Internet, such as likes, share and comment applications, then developed open graph technology developed in 2010. Open graph protocol called open graph today is used by millions of websites. Linkedin is considered by social media sites such as twitter, google plus.
Plugin features
  • Directly upload images to your server.
  • Only images with URL can be imported.
  • Pictures can be changed and deleted at any time.
  • The default image can be assigned.
  • may not be used in the desired forums.
  • OG:image Can you manage?
  • Can I add og:image with URL?
  • Uploaded images can be the size and kb allowed by the xenforo default system.
  • Pictures added as URLs must have an extension, which should not be an attachment file, such as .png .jpg.
  • Pictures added as URLs must have the status that visitors can see. Otherwise you will not see the picture on facebook.
Add-on installation
  1. Step > Extract the attached file
  2. Step > Throw the contents of the file named UPLOAD into the same FTP folder
  3. Step > Find add-ons in the Adminpc >> Plugins >> field >> Install by clicking on the Download button
Admincp >> Groups and permissions >> User group permissions >> Group to be delegated >> General permissions >> OG: image ...