[XenGenTr] Featured image topics - Xenforo 2

[XenGenTr] Featured image topics - Xenforo 2 3.0.11

[XenGenTr] Featured image topics - Xenforo 2.webp

Xenforo 2 I prepared for this forum with the plugin you can show your issues by showing your highlights.
The plugin is fully written in Turkish. Now that I will not share xf.com, I would like you to know that I have written my plugins completely in Turkish.

Add-on features,
  • Permits
    • The desired user can see the group / Visible
    • The desired user group cannot highlight / remove the subject
    • Can manage / manage the desired user group highlights
  • Options
    • Open / close plug-in
    • Featured topics edit title
    • Turn on / off your featured headline
    • Specify the location to display.
    • Subject change time adjustment
    • Thread change flow rate.
    • Skip X topic at every change.
    • Limit the number of prominent topics to display.
    • Show up to the desired number of characters.
    • Limit the size of the background image.

[XenGenTr] Featured image topics - Xenforo 2-x.webp


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