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[XenGenTr] XFRM Extras system - Xenforo 2 1.0.2

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Briefly and the most important feature of the plugin is that you can set limits and limits for download in the Resource Manager field.
For example, the X message cannot download without X likes. As you can download X files daily.
This plugin was inspired by this plugin and developed. It has no connection with the specified plugin.
Ekelenti is already used in this forum.
  • It can update all sources.
  • Can evaluate all sources.
  • See who downloaded the source
  • See the resources downloaded in your profile
  • You can't download the source without reacting
  • Set the number of responses so that you can download resources.
  • Limit the number of files that can be downloaded within 24 hours.
  • Force X message count before resource can be downloaded.
  • It gives the user an information message with a warning.
  • You can get more detailed information about the warning with the help page.
  • A topic from the forum can be added to the alerts, link to the article.
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How Do I Get This Into English Do U Have A Language Pack For IT?