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XenVn - All In One Tools for Xenforo 2

Optimized - Multifunction - Easy to use
Integrated over 30+ useful features
Compatible with Xenforo 2.2.x
XenVn is a All-In-One add-on for Xenforo 2 with optimized code, multi-function and easy to use...
With XenVn, your forum will be easier to manage, better performance and reduce addon conflict errors.
XenVn is integrated with more than 30+ useful features.

[Secure & Clean coding - We not collect any data from your site]
XenVn add-on is developed based on the original Xenforo platform, so compatibility is very high, easy to use and develop.

Main features:

  • Featured thread slider
  • Thread statistic with ajax
  • Ajax search thread with cache
  • Ajax update & uptop thread
  • Ajax update attachment
  • Thread suffix, icon, description
  • Thread metadata, og:image
  • Auto display ads in threads
  • Redirect page with ads, timer
  • Quick adblock detector
  • Limit download attachment
  • Limit new-register each IP
  • Compress image use imagick
  • Watermark with auto resize
  • Add zip comment and text file
  • Add attachment prefix
  • Verified user group icon
  • Node icon manager
  • Minify HTML output
And other features:
  • Thread title length limit, Block duplicate thread title, Display DMCA badges
  • Scroll to Top and User Mention button for post
  • Alerts Auto Refresh
  • Popular tags statistics
  • Auto watch thread if user download attachment
  • Block right-click and detect user leaving redirect page
  • Collapse block button, Ripple effect when click
  • Defer loading google analytics, Defer loading google ads
  • Whitelist email domains, Limit email length
  • Limit the number of IPs each user can use to download
See details of the features here

Easy to configure and use with tab groups:


Easy manager with user group permissions:


Release Changelogs:

Version 1.0.6 (14/01/2022)
(View detail)
  • Improved ad blocking detection
  • Option to disable Xenforo 2 upgrade check
  • Optimize Redirect Page
  • Add .htaccess to keep the add-on's files private
Version 1.0.5 (26/11/2021)
(View detail)
  • Improve the position of ads for threads (Ad 1& Ad 2).
  • Automatically display interstitial ads between posts using Ad 1& Ad 2.
Version 1.0.4 (31/10/2021)
(View detail)
  • Add Limit the number of New Register per IP address within 24 hours.
  • Add Limit the number of IPs each user can use in 24 hours to download attachments
  • Warn users before leaving the site while uploading an update attachment.
  • Added new options: Optimal thread meta description, Use Thread Image for meta og:image
  • Fix node icon manager bug
  • Improve the position of ads for threads (Ad Top, Ad Bottom)
Version 1.0.3 (09/10/2021)
(View detail)
  • Fixed the issue thread download limit counter for members automatically renews upgrade
  • Add alerts auto-refresh using ajax
  • Add limit download log: admin.php?logs/limit-download
  • Improved ad blocker detector
Version 1.0.2 (30/09/2021)
(View detail)
  • Optimize redirect page
  • Optimize html compression
  • Optimize user group permissions
  • Optimize ad blocker detector
  • Fixed minor bugs in version 1.0.1
  • Rearrange the order of addon settings
  • Add function to hide Health Check results
Version 1.0.1 (23/09/2021)
(View detail)
  • Thread statistic with ajax
  • Cache statistics
  • Merger CSS & JavaScript
  • Minify HTML output
  • Node icon forum
  • Generate square thumbnail for thread icon
  • Email length limit, special character limit
  • Post scroll top button
  • Post mention user button
  • Fixed some bugs in version 1.0.0
Version 1.0.0 (01/08/2021)
(View detail)
  • Featured thread slider
  • Thread statistic
  • Ajax search thread with cache
  • Ajax update & uptop thread
  • Ajax update attachment
  • Redirect page with ads, timer
  • Quick adblock detect
  • Limit download attachment
  • Compress image use imagick
  • Dynamic watermark resize
  • Add zip comment, add text file
  • Thread suffix, icon, description
  • Attachment prefix
  • Verified user group
  • And more basic features: Thread title lenght limit, Block duplicate thread title, Dmca badges, Popular tags statistics, Auto following thread, Disable right click and detect user leave redirect page, Block collapse, Ripple effect, Delay google analytics, Delay google ads, Add code to head tag, Email whitelist, Node icon,...

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Copyright by XenVn.Com

After you have purchased the license. You are free to use this source code. But you are not allowed to resell or re-share it. If we detect a violation, your license will be revoked, and your domains will be blacklisted. Thank you for your purchase.

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