Full WebP, AVIF support for Xenforo 2 with XenVn addon

Full WebP, AVIF support for Xenforo 2 with XenVn addon


WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web faster.

AVIF is an image format based on the AV1 video codec, and standardized by the Alliance for Open Media. AVIF offers significant compression gains over other image formats like JPEG and WebP. While the exact savings will depend on the content, encoding settings, and quality target, we and others have seen greater than 50% savings vs. JPEG.

The GD library does not support WebP animations. Imagemagick does, but needs enough library support.


With XenVn, WebP will be perfectly supported for image attachments, avatars, user banners and resource icons.
WEPB is currently supported in most PHP versions. AVIF will require PHP version from 8.2 and the AVIF library.

Full WebP, AVIF support for Xenforo 2 with XenVn addon.webp

XenVn Setting -> Attachments:
Convert Images To WebP

Automatically convert all image attachments to WebP format when uploaded (rebuild Convert Images To WebP).

Using WebP for Image Data
Use WebP for attachment thumbnails, user avatars, profile banners, resource icons (force rebuild Attachment Thumbnails, User Avatars, Resource Icons)


Tools -> Rebuild caches:
[XenVn] Convert Images To WebP

Convert all image attachments to Webp format (cannot be undone).

[XenVn] Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails
Rebuild attachment thumbnails with WebP support.

[XenVn] Rebuild User Avatars, Banners
Rebuild user avatars, banners with WebP support.

[XenVn] Rebuild Resource Icons
Rebuild resource icons with WebP support


100% uses WebP format, no JPG, no PNG.

Full-WebP-support-for-Xenforo-2-with-XenVn-addon-3.webp Full-WebP-support-for-Xenforo-2-with-XenVn-addon-4.webp
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Unfortunately, when I upload the gif extension images I added to my site, they do not play.
What should I do for this?
I activated it on the server.
However, it gives the following error when uploading GIFs from the Editor area.


When I upload the image with GIF extension to another site, it does not convert as attachment and remains on the site as a link from the other remote site.

There is a detail I missed but what is it?

When I was uploading icons to sources, now I got this error, what should I do?

It also gives the error in my message number 5 when copying images from the Editor area.
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