XenVn Addon - What's new

XenVn Addon - What's new

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XenVn is a All-In-One tools for Xenforo 2 with optimized code, multi-function and easy to use...
With XenVn, your forum will be easier to manage, better perform, improve SEO rankings and reduce conflicts between addons.
XenVn is integrated with more than 69+ useful features, compatible with most popular add-ons, styles and XFRM.

XenVn add-on is developed based on the original Xenforo platform, so it is highly compatible, easy to use and develop.
Compatible with XenForo version 2.2+ and PHP version 7+, 8+ (free technical support during the license period).

(Click to see an overview of the XenVn add-on)

(y) Get XenVn add-on here (paid)

:) View the latest release information

;) Basic User Guide for XenVn add-on

:coffee: PM @xenvn if you need more information or support
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Version 2.0.0 Beta 12 (10 June 2024)

Most useful features on version 1.9.x will be restored in version 2.0.0:
Global Sticky Threads, Verify email address via ipqualityscore.com, Demo Users, Remove Basic XF Routes, XenVn Files Manager...

Why hasn't the official version XenVn 2.0.0 been released yet?
Version 2.0.0 is optimized for Xenforo 2.3 (of course it is still compatible with XF 2.2)
So we will release the official version when XF 2.3 has an official stable version.
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Version 2.0.0 Final (26 June 2024)

Before upgrading (rebuilding), you need to disable the following features, then reset the new values after the upgrade (rebuilding) is complete:
Auto Delete Inactive Users, Auto Delete Inactive Direct Messages, Auto Delete Hidden Threads / Posts / Resources

1. New feature:
- Run SQL Query:
A small tool that helps you easily run SQL queries.

- Add a Mention User button: Template modifications -> Post Mention User

- Collapse Comment Posts: Automatically collapse comment posts (except first post)

- Simply Hide BBCode Code Content: Forces users to Like posts / resources to view

2. Feature improvements:
Add Avatar Circle Year, Add User Reputation Banner, Auto Delete Inactive Users, Auto Delete Inactive Direct Messages, Auto Delete Hidden Threads / Posts / Resources

3. Optimize to increase Google PageSpeed Insights score
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