[XenGenTr] XenSticky Thread - Xenforo 2

[XenGenTr] XenSticky Thread - Xenforo 2 1.0.3

[XenGenTr] XenSticky Thread - Xenforo 2.webp

XF2 - [XenGenTr] XenSticky thread
It is written for Xenforo 2 and is a free plugin.

Plugin task;
The task of the plugin is to separate the fixed and normal threads in the thread list.

Plugin properties;
  • You can arrange the sorting line as you like.
  • You can edit the background color of fixed topics.
Plugin installation;
  1. Pull the file found on the attachment
  2. Into the folder named UPLOAD in the file into the same folder named FTP
  3. Find the plugin in the Adminpc >> Plugins >> field >> Upload with the Upload button


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