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[XenGenTr] XenFooter - Xenforo 2 1.0.1

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[XenGenTr] XenFooter
It's my first plugin I have developed for Xenforo 2 and it is free :) Maybe it's not a big, functional plugin, but it is a big step for me. You should also know that I am happy to share this plugin with you.
I do not speak English I am sorry if I have a mistake.

What is the plugin task?
The plugin adds a different footer design to the standard theme.

What are add-on features?
  • There is no database operation.
  • It only makes changes in the template.
  • There is an announcement block for the footer area.
    • You can easily make announcements in plugin settings.
    • You can close / open the announcement field.
  • The forum adds the software area.
  • Forum adds quick links area.
  • The forum adds a shared area to social networks.
    • Can be turned off / on if desired.
  • Can be customized by theme.
Plug-in permissions,
Show / hide XenFooter field to desired user groups
Show / hide announcements to desired groups of users