[XenGenTr] HTML Page system - Xenforo 2

[XenGenTr] HTML Page system - Xenforo 2 2.0.0

[XenGenTr] HTML Page system - Xenforo 2.webp

The plugin allows you to easily create an HTML page in the xenforo 2 system, add link buttons to the navbar area and the sub nav area, and control them all in one panel.

Add-on features:
  • Display with special permission according to user groups.
  • Open / close widgets and control them all individually.
  • Support for 3 HTML widgets.
  • Toggle lower navigation buttons and control them individually.
  • Use HTML codes in a free structure.
  • Use less and css codes in XF Standards.
  • Customize link location with route filter.
[XenGenTr] HTML Page system - Xenforo 2-1.webp


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