[SVG] Forum logo - Xenforo 2

The [SVG] Forum logo plugin allows you to add a text logo slogan for XenForo 2

[SVG] Forum logo - Xenforo 2.webp

  • Ability to add a text logo (if specified, the image will not be displayed);
  • Ability to add a text slogan (will be displayed with an image and text);
  • Ability to add a small logo for the navigation bar in mobile mode;
  • Ability to choose a small logo:
    • By default (the image shown in the main logo field is displayed)
    • Small (image shown in the field for a small logo),
    • Text (text of the text logo specified in the appropriate field);
  • Ability to hide the hader (the logo will be displayed on the navigation panel with a choice, see above);
  • Ability to customize styles for text logo and slogan.
The settings are in the settings of the style "Basic settings", where the logo is configured by default.