[cXF] Icons in Header - Xenforo 2

[cXF] Icons in Header - Xenforo 2 1.1.4

[cXF] Icons in Header - Xenforo 2-1.webp


This add-on will add an option for social icons (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc.), RSS and/or contact icon to show in header.

  • show social network icons in header (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+); actually you can add any social icon you want
  • show RSS icon in header
  • show contact icon in header; on click contact form will open in overlay
  • all icons a customizable (color, hover color, size, icon can be changed)
  • option to open links in new tab
  • option to position icons in header (move up/down, left/right)
[cXF] Icons in Header - Xenforo 2.webp


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