Attachment download limit for Xenforo 2

Intro Attachment download limit for Xenforo 2


This function helps you to manage the limit for downloading files of members.


  • Count download limit by threads
  • Limit downloads for the whole forum or by category
  • Cycle time for download limit (Config in group permissions)
  • Use Cycle Time of User Upgrade (Only upgraded users can download)
  • Number of threads that can be downloaded in cycle time
  • Waiting time between downloads
  • Like or Reply to download & prevent take it back reaction
  • Download log for members and admins
See your download log here:

How to limit download of thread attachments by user upgrade group

This is a feature part of XenVn addon, see details here:

Attachment-download-limit-for-Xenforo-2-3.jpgAttachment-download-limit-for-Xenforo-2-4.jpglike or reply to download xenforo 2.jpgAttachment-download-limit-for-Xenforo-2-1.jpgAttachment-download-limit-for-Xenforo-2-2.jpg[XenVn] Limit download group permissions.jpg
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