Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.5

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.5

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 - V20 - full.webp

Adobe Photoshop is definitely the most famous and one of the best editing software for graphic documents, and there are few who have never heard of it and not a graphic designer who has not worked with it. The early versions of Photoshop were designed for Macintosh, and the first version of Windows was released as a 2.5 release in late 1992; the user-friendly environment of the software increased the popularity of this software in the same early versions. Since there was no way for Farsi-language to be released until the first version of CS or 8 (which was published by ME), Iranian companies solved this issue by offering Farsi-nvs, so that Adobe Adobe Photoshop CS6 or 13 would allow the Farsi version in Standard Edition Photoshop added

Photoshop has a proprietary format PSD stands for P Hoto s hop D Ocument has the ability to save documents and graphics with a maximum resolution of 30 million pixels maximum of 3 GB. The .PSB also stands for Photoshop Big for superb graphics with a maximum resolution of 300,000 pixels and incredible 4xB extras

Features of Adobe Photoshop
  • User-friendly interface for users with different levels of awareness
  • Support for more graphic formats
  • Performing all kinds of changes required on images such as resizing, color change, part cut image, applying filters with full settings and …
  • There are different layers in a document and easy editing with different tools
  • Ability to run and edit vector graphics formats, such as the Adobe Illustrator AI format
  • Ability to run and edit PDF documents
  • RAW format support
  • 3D graphic design capabilities
  • Has a variety of options for printing documents
  • Extensive tools and extensions
Photoshop CC 2019 là phần mềm chỉnh sửa và thiết kế hình ảnh rất tốt hiện nay, với nhiều tính năng ưu việt.
Đây là phiên bản Repack chỉ cần ngắt kết nối mạng và cài đặt là sử dụng được.

Download Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.5:

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