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WP Content Pilot Pro - WordPress Autoblog & Affiliate 1.1.8

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WP Content Pilot Pro is an auto-blogging and content curation plugin that lets you create high-quality WordPress blog posts automatically. The plugin keeps posting articles on your site at a predefined interval using your chosen keywords and source and keeps your website fresh and updated all the time. WP Content Pilot also inserts your affiliate links automatically, so you get your commission from the vendor.

WP Content Pilot Pro makes generating relevant blog content easy by scanning the web for relevant keywords and automatically posting content from other sites onto your site as a blog post. This plugin supports over 20 different campaigns, allowing you to pull content from the most popular platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and YouTube, while automatically inserting your affiliate link.

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How it works
  • Select your chosen module from the list of available 20+ modules. Like RSS Feed or Youtube.
  • Set your source type keywords or URL
  • Adjust your post template how the generated articles will show on your site
  • Set how frequently you want new articles it will publish on your site
  • Finally, WP Content Pilot will automatically search for the keywords, grab the article and will set your affiliate ID, and post articles
Autopost from 20+ sources
Your most desired and favorite platforms, including the leading affiliate program platforms, are supported by WP Content Pilot PRO. Fetch and publish content as regular WordPress posts with lots of options to fully control them and earn commissions.


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