WatuPRO - Create Exams, Tests and Quizzes for WP

WatuPRO - Create Exams, Tests and Quizzes for WP

WatuPRO - Create Exams, Tests and Quizzes for WP.webp

Create Quizzes, Exams, and Surveys in Any WordPress Powered Site. Manage everything from your WP administration panel.
  • Collect contact data and user responses instantly.
  • WatuPRO is a multi-purpose online quiz, survey, and exam software that can be used in education, research, data analysis, contests, competitions, marketing, or to increase users engagement on your site.
  • WatuPRO is a plugin that runs inside your WordPress-powered site.
  • WatuPRO is mobile / touch - friendly. It works on all modern desktop and mobile browsers.
  • No high-level technical knowledge is required.

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WatuPRO Features List
  • Create and edit unlimited number of quizzes, exams and surveys. If you want to run an exam, you have an option to assign points to each answer. If you prefer a funny quiz, no problem, use the grades as quiz results. Need to run a survey? Assign same grade to all answers but collect the user data! And if you wish, redirect the user to a given URL that depends on their performance.
  • Single-choice, True/False, Multiple-choice (with possible grouping and Flashcards version), and flexible Open-end questions evaluating answers on the fly. You can create any kind of quiz or survey you can imagine. Even more question types are available in the Intelligence module.
  • Calculate quiz result (grade) based on points, percent correct answers, percent of maximum possible points, or performance per question category. WatuPRO offers the most elaborate grading system.
  • Copy quizzes and questions into new or existing quizzes. This way you can reuse your questions and mix them into different tests without the burden of re-creating them.
  • Import questions from CSV files in simple and advanced formats, or from text files in Aiken format.
  • Randomize questions. To avoid cheating you can have questions randomized every time the exam is loaded. The possible answers can also be randomized or be kept in the predefined order.
  • Pull a number of random questions. This way you can have for example 100 questions in the exam but let each user take only 10 or so of them, randomly selected. Or you can pull 2 random questions from each question category.
  • Collect contact details at the beginning or the end of the test. You can do this with or without requiring user registration.
  • Question categories and subcategories. You may want to show your questions grouped by category.
  • Question difficulty levels. Select which difficulty level to be active in a quiz. Limit user's access per difficuty level. Create difficulty levels unlock criteria so quiz takers can unlock new levels.
  • Quiz categories and user groups. Organize your quizzes and users. You can also limit the access of different user groups user WordPress user roles to different quiz categories.
  • Set timers. Optionally you can limit the time to take an exam. Learn how do they work.
  • Printable HTML certificates. You can create personalized certificates that will be shown to the user who achieves certain grade. PDF certificates are available using the free PDF Bridge or with DocRaptor account.
  • Continue from the last time. Logged in users can leave exam unfinished and return next day or later. Their answers will still be there so they can finish the exam. This feature is disabled for quizzes with time limit to avoid cheating.
  • Rich text editor and media. Because WatuPRO works inside WordPress, you can use its rich text editor and media gallery to format the questions.
  • Right answer explanation/feedback. Once the user takes the exam, optionally present them explanation about the right answer to some or all questions.
  • Set conditional re-taking of exam - only when selected grade(s) are achieved.
  • Snapshot and table view from user answers. You can see exactly how they answered each question and how many points they got.
  • Export test results to CSV. Makes it easy to run reports from user's answers. Great for surveys.
  • Send emails. You can have the exam results mailed to your users and to yourself.
  • Calculate cumulative stats from multiple tests and display conditional content based on the total user's performance on them. Learn more.
  • Search/filter/sort results. Find results of any exam limiting by email, points, grade, date, username or IP address.
  • Students login. Exam takers can login to see their results and take any other available exams. The same information can also be published with shortcodes.
  • Reorder questions when you want to define the specific order they will be shown to the user.
  • Allow different user roles to manage the exams so you can have a member of your team take care for them without accessing the whole administration.
  • Optional reCaptcha or text-based captcha validation when exam is submitted to prevent spam.
  • Basic leaderboard shortcode to show the top performing users.
  • Question hints. Help your user answer the questions by enabling hints and defining the number of hints the user can use per quiz or per question.
  • Segment-based statistics showing how users of certain segment performed on the test. More information.
  • Social sharing capabilities - you can generate Facebook and Twitter share buttons.
  • A shortcode generator makes creating all kind of quiz-related shortcodes easy.
  • Quiz design themes so you can change the way the quiz looks.
  • Quickly create Likert scale surveys via this free addon
  • Built-in LMS integration to the popular free Namaste! LMS plugin.
  • Send Tin Can / xAPI statements through the WP Experience API plugin. Learn more here.
  • GDPR compliance features - learn more here.
  • Super easy installation. It's just a WordPress plugin so upload, activate and you are all set.