Sprout Invoices - WordPress Invoicing Plugin

Sprout Invoices - WordPress Invoicing Plugin

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Sprout Invoices WordPress Invoicing Plugin
Take control of your WordPress invoicing! Fully customizable, no limits, and features you can't get anywhere else. Period.
Reduce the time spent getting paid! Improve your business work-flow with automated tasks for fielding project requests, estimating projects & getting paid.

Flexibility at its core

While Sprout Invoices automates many of the tasks to improve work-flow the power comes from customization.

Custom Estimate and Invoice Templates
Estimates & Invoices can be fully customized via a new theme template. If you're familiar with customizing a WordPress theme templates than you can create a custom estimate.

Notification Customization
Notifications can be plain-text or HTML. Editing the entire content of a notification is simple with shortcodes that add dynamic content.

Plenty of Payment Methods
Accept credit cards via Paypal Pro, Stripe, & more. Offsite payments provided by Paypal. P.O. and checks methods are also available for your clients.

Payment Scheduling
Create payment terms for your clients, with specific payment amounts, due dates, and past due fees. See examples here.

300+ App Integrations with Zapier
Integrate with over 300 other apps around the web, including Quickbooks Online and Woocommerce. Learn how to create Basecamp projects when an estimate is approved.

Hundreds of Hooks
Over two hundred filters and actions allow you to hook into Sprout Invoices and alter whatever you'd like or build some awesome features like those in the marketplace.

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