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QwikTest - NexGen Online Exam Software 1.1.0

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QwikTest is an open-source online examination software and assessment tool that assists educational institutions, corporate companies to create and conduct web and mobile-based exams.

Main Features
  • Supports Multiple Exam Types – Practice Sets, Quizzes
  • Adaptive Learning Experience using Practice Sets.
  • Conduct Live Quizzes using Quiz Scheduler
  • Supports 7 Types of Questions including MCQs, Matching, Blanks, Ordering & Short Answer
  • Supports Audio, Video, Comprehension, Image, Equation & Tabular Attachments.
  • User Reward Points System.
  • Restrict User to Single Session to prevent malpractice
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QwikTest is a Single Page Application (SPA) built on top of the Laravel (World’s Leading PHP Framework) and Vue.js (Fastest JavaScript Framework).
  • Laravel – Leading PHP Backend Framework
  • Vue.js – Fastest JavaScript Framework
  • Inertia.js – Laravel-Vue Bridge
  • Tailwind CSS – CSS Library
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  • PHP >= 7.4.10 and MySQL >= 5.7.24 is must.
  • QwikTest is primarily implemented to help educational institutions and companies conduct tests for their students and employees internally. Currently, the system doesn’t include a payment gateway. In the coming updates, we will implement a store with payment gateways but no ETA.
  • Supports all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported as it is discontinued.
  • Front-end source code implemented in Vue.js is not included in the Regular License and will be provided upon the purchase of the Extended License.
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