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PickBazar - React Ecommerce Template - PHP Script 6.0.0

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Quick ecommerce template for your next business - Fastest Ecommerce template built with React, NextJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, REST API, NestJS & Tailwind CSS.
Our super-fast E-commerce template was made to help anyone start their very own online store at ease. Built with React, NextJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Nest JS & Tailwind Css, our template promises to deliver an interface for your business that is quick and easy to set up! For GraphQL we used GraphQL and nestJS, you can build your schema very easily. GraphQL playground makes its own documentation, your frontend team will love using it. We have added REST API integration with React Query for the customers who had already a REST-based backend for remote data fetching.

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Developed with Bleeding Edge Technology for highly scalable project.
Shop Front
  • Next JS, React Apollo, REST API and GraphQL are used.
  • All components are written in TypeScript.
  • Monorepo Supported with Yarn Workspace.
  • SSR support for building highly scalable apps.
Shop Dashboard
  • Next JS, React Apollo and GraphQL are used.
  • Components are written in TypeScript and TailWind CSS
  • Easily create products in backend.
  • React Hooks Form for form handling.

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