[OzzModz] Contact Us Spaminator - Xenforo 2 2.2.0

Sick and tired of your inbox getting flooded with spam coming from the "Contact Us" system on your xenforo install(s)? You've tried everything and still it persists? You even shut off the "Contact Us" form to guest visitors? You need the [OzzModz] Contact Us Spaminator.

This addon is a weapon in fighting spam bot submissions to the "contact us" form at your forum.

The [OzzModz] Contact Us Spaminator injects false fields and checkboxes into the contact us form which browsers don't render so humans never see. But the bots fill out the fields and check the boxes - identifying themselves as bots and falling into the Spaminator trap. The Spaminator then logs all the information and sends the bots to the home page, and gives them the message successful prompt, completely stopping automated contact us form spam while ensuring no flags are raised in the bot program. The programs "think" tthey sent the spam successfully, but no email is sent!.

The [OzzModz] Contact Us Spaminator works with and regardless of other anti-spam measures but also makes them all obsolete, proving the worthlessness of captchas, puzzles, questions, timers and the like, by STILL catching bots while all of this annoying standard anti-spam miscellany is still active. And it won't interfere with any custom fields you have on your contact us form.

[OzzModz] Contact Us Spaminator is completely independent and doesn't rely on any third-party databases, lists, or IP blocking. It presents more opportunities for the bot to slip and prove it is a bot, for better defense from automated spam. So we can combine multiple checks as opposed to only one CAPTCHA/ReCaptcha and/or a question or two per form. This gives huge advantage to [OzzModz] Contact Us Spaminator.

Since programs like XRumer have defeated CAPTCHA/ReCaptcha, email verification, Q&A, timers and many other spam blocking techniques, [OzzModz] Contact Us Spaminator brings a whole new set of checks the bots will fail.