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Leopard - WordPress Offload Media 2.0.23

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Leopard – WordPress offload media copies files from your WordPress Media Library to Amazon S3, Wasabi,google cloud, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunnycdn storage and rewrites URLs to server the files from that same storage provider, or from the CDN of your choice (CloudFront).

When the big website works, I see need to reduce bandwidth consumption is necessary for website to operate effectively and securely.

Underground and automatic synchronization: For large websites with a large number of images, videos, pdf …. etc, synchronization will be difficult (because it is required not to turn off the web browser or the sleeping computer). Underground and automatic synchronization function, you can turn off the computer to go to sleep or other tasks. Save your time and achieve the highest efficiency.

Work with FTP You can use ftp to upload files to the cloud, then use the “file from cloud” function to use files from the cloud for the website.

  • This function only supports woocommerce and easy digital downloads.
  • Only support files and it does not support images (because images need resizing for different sizes).
Activation by any data!

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