[Jazzaaf] xenAntiVirus - Xenforo 2

[Jazzaaf] xenAntiVirus - Xenforo 2 1.0.1

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This add-on will check new attachments for viruses and malware code using Virustotal.com's api.

  • Disable new attachments until marked clean. (on/off)
  • Exclude File Types.
  • Exclude User Groups.
  • Use in Private Conversations. (on/off)
  • Permission-based access to the report list.
  • Filter attachments based on check status.
  • Links to Scan Reports.
  • Uses Phrases System.
  • Send an alert to predefined users when an infected file has been uploaded.
  • Obey the rate limits of the API provider.
  • Infected attachments can be marked clean or deleted.
  • Color classification of attachments based on check status.
  • Cron job to check the status of new and pending attachments.
- API key from www.virustotal.com

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[Jazzaaf] xenAntiVirus - Xenforo 2-2.webp


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