[J] Thread Preview - Xenforo 2

[J] Thread Preview - Xenforo 2 1.7.1

[J] Thread Preview - Xenforo 2.webp

[J] Thread Preview - Xenforo 2-1.webp

Note: if the post contain only images then it will display nothing as i had intentionally removed it, though if you want to display that you can make template change but that will display complete message of the post.

List of things left:
  1. Enable/Disable option
  2. Usergroup permissions
  3. Add options for display format
    1. last post preview only
    2. first post preview only
    3. last unread post preview
    4. first + last post preview only
    5. last + last unread post preview
    6. first + last unread post preview
    7. All three together preview