iBackupBot & SUPERVISE for Delayed OTAs iPhone

iBackupBot & SUPERVISE for Delayed OTAs iPhone

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iBackupBot for iTunes is a tool that helps you browse, view, export and even EDIT files backed up to iTunes.

When you connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to your computer and select “Back Up”, certain settings and files from these devices are automatically backed up to your computer. You can restore this information if and when you need to. iBackupBot is especially handy when you purchase a new iPhone (or iPad, or iPod touch) and want to transfer your previous settings to it. The backed-up information includes text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, voicemail and widget settings and more! iBackupBot even saves and transfers photos from your iPhone’s camera roll or your iPad and iPod touch.

How To Supervise
  • Step 1 Download iBackupBot, iTunes and Supervise backup using the links above.
  • Step 2 Setup iBackupBot and iTunes on your computer.
  • Step 3 Open the Supervise backup and extract the .zip.
  • Step 4 On the device itself, disable "Find My". If you don't know how to, search on Google for instructions.
  • Step 5 Connect your device to your computer and open iBackupBot.
  • Step 6 In iBackupBot, click "file", "open" and select the folder where the extacted supervise backup is located.
  • Step 7 When the backup is imported, click "+" by Add Supervision, then click "System Files"
  • Step 8 Search for "config", then right click on "ConfigurationProfiles" and select "restore selected items to device"
  • Step 9 Enter the password "1111" and then click on "restore"
  • Step 10 Now the supervise backup will restore onto your device. Once done, you will now be supervised.
  • Step 11 Go to this link and download Delayed OTAs profiles!