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[EAE] BumperRM - Xenforo 2 1.2.1

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BumperRM is a free add-on that requires the Bumper (paid) add-on. It is why it can only be downloaded from eaeaddons.com.


BumperRM adds new permissions to give members the the option to bump their own, or others, resources to the top of the resource list. You can also set when the bump expires. Expired bumped resources will fall back in their proper order as if they were never bumped.

BumperRM does not modify any resource tables. If you un-install this add-on all bumped resources will fall back into their original position.

  • Bumper statistics (AdminCP -> Content -> Bumper statistics): Here, admins with the View statistics admin permission can view a list of active and expired resource bumps, with bump counts. You can also choose to expire selected active bumps or all active bumps.
  • Widget: BumperRM bumps can be set to appear in the Bumper widget.
  • New bumps list (What's new -> New bumps): BumperRM active bumps will appear in Bumpers New Bumps tab,
  • Allowing bumping is resource category based (AdminCP -> Resources -> Resource categories -> Select a category -> Allow bumping in this category): Check to allow bumping of resource items.
Options (Setup -> Options -> [EAE] Bumper):
  • Resource bumps expire in: Set when bumped resources will expire. Defaults to 7 days on install.
  • Number of resources that a member can bump per day (general, user group): This should be set to one if you allow multi-bumping to prevent excessive re-bumping of x amount of resources.
  • Bump own resources (per resource category, user group): Set to allow members to bump their own resources.
  • Bump resources by others (per resource category, user group): Set to allow members to bump others resources.
  • Multi-bump resources (per resource category, user group): This permission will allow members to re-bump active bumped resources. If a resource does not have an active bump and a member has no remaining bumps, the resource can not be bumped. If a member has no bumps left and a resource has an active bump, it can be re-bumped by the member.
  • A resource can only be bumped this many times (per resource category, user group): Set the maximum number of bumps a resource can have. Once this number is reached, a resource can not be bumped again (unless set to a higher value for another user group, premium for example). If you allow multi-bumping this should be set to a reasonable lower value.
  • start with eae_bprm_ prefix.


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