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[EAE Add-ons] Cupid's Arrow - Xenforo 2 1.1.0

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Cupid's Arrow gives your members the opportunity to launch emoji "arrows" at other members. If the option is set, they may choose to launch then anonymously. The emoji members are allowed to launch at each other are set in the options for the add-on. If sent anonymously, and the target member has the bypass user privacy permission, they will be able to see who launched the arrow at them. Arrows show up as alerts, so if the target member decides to turn off alerts for this add-on they will not be notified that they been targeted (although it is still logged).

  • Admins decide which emoji members can use. You may want to make them theme based, i.e. use the turkey and the jack_o_lantern during the fall season.
  • Respects a targeted member's privacy setting (Allow users to.. Target you with Cupid's arrows). If set to People you follow, the launcher will be notified that the member can not be targeted at this time, unless they have the bypass user privacy permission.
  • You may choose to set a "hit" success rate using the option Target acquisition percentage. It is defaulted to 95% on install. If set to 0, the launcher of the arrow will always miss their target, while 100 will always hit.
  • If the intended target is missed, a new target is randomly chosen. If the new target has set the Allow users to... to People you follow, and they do not follow you, then it will be a miss. Misses such as these are not logged.
  • Admins with the view statistics permission can view arrows launched by members in the adminCP: Content -> [EAE] Cupid's arrow -> Launched arrows. This will display the emoji launched, the date, the target hit, if it was sent anonymously, if it was a miss, and the intended target (if it was a miss and another target was hit). These stats can be searched by launcher, target, intended target, and username so it can be a useful tool to see if one member is always targeting another member with an emoji that can be taken out of context, for example.
  • Launched arrows are defaulted to be deleted after 60 days. You can change this from 1 day (not very useful for the above feature) to 365 days, or keep them indefinitely (setting of 0).
Phrases: Prefixed with eae_cpar_

Permissions: [EAE] Can launch Cupid's arrows, general permission set to Yes on install for the registered group. As there will be no emoji selected by you at this point, any members that see the launch fa-icon and select it will be greeted with a your quiver is empty message. Intriguing.

Tables and alters: One table is added to your database, xf_eaecpar_cupids_arrow, and one alter to xf_user_privacy (eaecpar_allow_send_cupids_arrow). These are removed when uninstalled.

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