Dynamic Content for Elementor

Dynamic Content for Elementor 3.0.1

Dynamic Content for Elementor.webp

Dynamic Content for Elementor is the most unique toolkit for Elementor for creating powerful websites and professional content. It has a lot of useful features, we recommend you to see them below:
  • Dynamic Posts v2. Pick your WordPress posts in the layout you want and display your content quicker!
  • Supercharged Filtering. Combine the power of Search & Filter Pro front end filters with Dynamic Posts v2!
  • Signature for Elementor Pro Form. Add a signature field to your forms and use it on your PDF.
  • CopyPaste Cross-site. Copy your content from one site to another with a different domain with the simplicity of the classic Copy/Paste operation!
  • Email Template. You can send emails using easy to create layouts saved as Elementor templates.
  • Export. You can export data received from forms to any external services.
  • Save. You can save in DB all data received from forms as Post, Term or User.
  • PDF Generator. Generate a PDF with dynamic data from forms to store it or send as email attachment.
  • Message Generator. Tired of the usual boring messages? Engage users with colorful and content-rich messages.
  • Conditional Fields. Add Conditional Logic to form fields, create a variable form based on user choice.
  • Button Copy to Clipboard. Store any text in Client Clipboard.
  • Button Calendar. Don’t let your users forget an appointment, add the event to their calendar with a single click.
  • Add to Favorites. To store data by user, global or in cookies, you can create wish lists or remember the pages that your users like.
  • Developer Widget. Made so that you can directly integrate everything simply from your code.
  • Advanced Custom Fields. Widgets that show metadata produced by the ACF – Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  • ACF Repeater Field. Use the repeater field into your post page and page templates when creating Grid, Masonry, Table and Carousel Layouts.
  • Get & View content. Include any of your website content on any page. Globally manage and improve your workflow.