[cXF] Thread snippet - Xenforo 2

[cXF] Thread snippet - Xenforo 2 1.1.4

[cXF] Thread snippet - Xenforo 2.webp

Show thread snippet (excerpt) or thread preview on forum view and what's new page with some extra features.

  • show thread snippet in thread list on forum view
  • show thread snippet on what's new page
  • show thread snippet on New posts widget (simple view)
  • show thread snippet on New threads widget (simple view)
  • set snippet length for each position individually
  • show first or last post in thread snippet
  • remove BB codes from snippet
  • style snippet in style properties
  • set page width for snippet to show or hide (for instance to hide it on mobile)
[cXF] Thread snippet - Xenforo 2-1.webp


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