[cXF] Thread prefix icons

Would you like to customize your prefixes?
Here's a simple DIY tutorial as an example. Of course, you can extend it for your own needs as you wish.
So, read this tutorial to achieve something like this:


1. Create your custom prefix
In admin CP go to Forums > Thread prefixes and click on button Add prefix on the right top side.
Fill the form like this:


You can choose any prefix name you want, just change pack-a with your desired name.
* dont' forget to select applicable forums at the bottom

2. Add code to your extra.less template
Open you extra.less template and add the code:
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(15 lines)
For different prefix name just change pack-a in the code.

To edit prefix when hover check class &:hover.
To edit prefix icon check class &:before. To change the Font Awesome icon eidt the word cogs (in above example) with any other icon name.

Want a Pro icon of a specific style?
Edit .m-faBase(); and change it to .m-faBase('Pro', @faWeight-solid);, .m-faBase('Pro', @faWeight-regular); or .m-faBase('Pro', @faWeight-light);.

Want a Brand icon?
Edit .m-faBase(); and change it to .m-faBase('Brands');.

Want to show only icon without text in thread prefix?
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(26 lines)
That's basically it. To add more custom prefixes just go through the above procedure for each prefix.