[cXF] Animations - Xenforo 2 1.1.0

Add animation to predefined elements or elements of your choice with extra settings.

  • add animations to predefined elements (currently: badge for Inbox and Alerts, badge for staff bar links, online indicator)
  • add animations to 3 separate groups of custom elements (simply by adding a class in style properties --> if you need help finding a class please contact us on customizexf.com)
  • choose animation type (currently available: blink, flash, pulse, swing, shake, rotate, elastic)
  • set animation speed duration
  • set animation start delay
  • set animation iteration (infinite or iteration count)
  • extra setting for pulse animation type color and spread radius
  • extra setting for blink animation type color


  • BassMan-Animations-1.1.0.zip
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