Booster Traffic Exchange System

Booster Traffic Exchange System 6.0

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Booster is a Traffic Exchange System which allow users to earn points by visiting other websites automatically , And users can also earn points by sharing links on facebook and twitter.

Traffic Exchange
Traffic Exchange is a automatic surfing tool which enables users to visit each other sites automatically and earn points .
Social Exchange
Social Exchange has a advanced sharing mechanism through which a user can earn points by sharing other user links .
A user can refer other user and can earn points per referral
Points Transfer
A user can e able to transfer some about of points to other user
Points Withdraw
A user can convert his points into cash and request for withdrawal
Stripe and paypal are integrated in order to handle payments
How does it works ?
After registering on booster a user needs to add a website .Initially a user will have 100 points in his account when other user visits his website the points will be deducted .So the users cross visits each other websites in order to increase points .
How Traffic Exchange Session Works ?
A user just need to click on start session button and allow pop ups and relax the traffic exchange session will automatically open other websites on a regular interval of 30 seconds and the user points will be automatically increased .
Can I Buy Points
Yes you can buy points using purchase points section . There are different type of pricing options available .
What is Premium Membership
A free user can add maximum of 3 websites if a user wants to add unlimited websites they need buy premium membership.

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Download booster-traffic-exchange-system-6.0:
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