Automatically URL Shortener, how configure it?


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Ok, i need help on how to configure a shortener service (with API), so it will automatically short every external link in posts.

There is an old ADDON (Automatically URL Shortener 1.0.4) but it's impossible to find and even if i get it, i need to configured it to works with my shortener service, in this case "shrinkearn.com".

My shortener give me 2 option to do this.

1. With a JS Script:

View attachment 64901

I put it in the template PAGE_CONTAINER after the <HEAD>, but it doesn't short any links.

2. With an API TOKEN (PHP):

View attachment 64902

But i don't know how to do it.

If someone could help would be great!:rolleyes:

Thx in advance.
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