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[Game 18+] Treasure of Nadia Online

Game Treasure of Nadia Online, Compatible With Desktop, Android, iPhone Web Browser, Game Treasure of Nadia Phiên Bản Online Việt Hóa. Tương Thích Với Các Trình Duyệt Web PC, Android, iPhone.
Rating: ★★★★★ (69+)

Cape Vedra is a town bustling with treasure tourism ever since Sofia Vesper, the worlds richest treasure hunter bought a mansion there. What secrets are waiting for you to discover?
Treasure of Nadia is an 18+ adventure game featuring 12 gorgeous women that you will meet as you adventure throughout the hidden caves and jungles searching for artifacts to make a name for yourself in the treasure hunting world.

This online version can be played on any PC, iOS, Android platform. You can sign up for an account to backup and sync your game data! It's free!

Guide play:
+ On a desktop web browser, use the left or right mouse to interact in the game.
+ On mobile devices tap 1 finger or tap 2 fingers at the same time to interact.
+ On iOS devices, you'll need to interact with the screen to turn on the video game's sound.
+ Languages supported in the game: English and Vietnamese.
+ Để chuyển sang Tiếng Việt: Vào Options -> Vietnamese -> On. (Chỉ Việt Hóa trong trò chơi).

Registration guide:
Username, Password, Email
+ String length must be 6 - 30 characters
+ Only accept characters: a-z 0-9 ._-@
+ Start, end characters must be a-z 0-9

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Game Online 18+ Việt Hóa - Kho Báu Của Nadia​, Chơi Game Treasure of Nadia Phiên Bản Online Việt Hóa. Tương Thích Với Mọi Trình Duyệt Web. Bạn có thể đăng ký miễn phí tài khoản trên trang web để sao lưu trò chơi và đồng bộ trên nhiều thiết bị khác nhau.
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Game version: 1.0117
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