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YouTube ReVanced - Watch YouTube without ads 19.09.37

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YouTube ReVanced is an updated project of the most liked Youtube Vanced, that includes background playback, ad-free content, SponsorBlock, Reverse YouTube Dislike and more.

YouTube ReVanced is a free, customizable YouTube client that replaces the discontinued YouTube Vanced, providing users with similar app features and other additional modes. It also includes ReVanced Music, which allows users to stream their ideal music genres with all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium. However, the ReVanced APK is currently in its infancy and is not available as an APK, but as a builder that you can use to build your own apps.

YouTube Vanced is dead and we will always cherish the simplicity it created for everyone on the platform. But we can’t sit back and wait for its resurgence when many other viable alternatives offer similar features and a better user experience. One of the most anticipated alternatives to Vanced is the official YouTube ReVanced APK replacement. The app is still in its infancy, but it offers some impressive tweaks to keep the core YouTube Vanced features and Vanced legacy alive. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about the YouTube ReVanced app.

Vanced Manager is no longer being updated, and a recent Google notice halts all of its operations, which may mean the app will not work. It may still work on some Android devices, though. Fortunately, this tragedy led to the development of a new ReVanced Manager by a new enthusiastic team that not only blocks ads and adds extra features to YouTube but also other apps such as YT Music, TikTok, Twitch, Reddit, Spotify, and Twitter. Today, we’ll look at what makes ReVanced Manager a suitable replacement for the once-popular Vanaced Manager app.

What is ReVanced Manager APK?
ReVanced is a patcher used to alter apps, including YouTube, YouTube Music, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, and more. Most of these platforms have one feature in common: they are all subscription-based. YouTube and YouTube Music, in particular, demand a subscription to access premium features that remove basic options such as ads and include other advanced services otherwise absent in the free version.

You can compile and patch features into these social applications all under one roof with the ReVanced Manager APK. You no longer need to download individual mods for each app; instead, utilize ReVanced Manager to inject available updates into your original applications automatically.

YouTube ReVanced - Mod Information:
  • Adds volume and brightness swipe controls.
  • Enables downloading music and videos from YouTube.
  • Enables tap-to-seek on the seekbar of the video player.
  • Adds the ability to remember the video quality you chose in the video quality flyout.
  • Enables app debugging by patching the manifest file.
  • Adds more video playback speed options.
  • Enables minimized and background playback.
  • Spoofs the YouTube or Vanced client to prevent playback issues.
  • Lets you change the buffers of videos.
  • Adds settings for ReVanced to YouTube.
  • Allows YouTube ReVanced to run without root and under a different package name with Vanced MicroG.
  • Makes the brightness of HDR videos follow the system default.
  • Always repeats the playing video again.
  • Removes general ads.
  • Hides infocards in videos.
  • Removes ads in the video player.
  • Hides progress bar and time counter on videos.
  • Enables the original quality flyout menu.
  • Replaces the search icon with a wide search bar. This will hide the YouTube logo when active.
  • Disables video description and comments panel in fullscreen view.
  • Hides the autoplay button in the video player.
  • Disables playing YouTube Shorts when launching YouTube.
  • Shows premium branding on the home screen.
  • Changes the YouTube launcher icon and name to your choice (defaults to ReVanced).
  • Hides the create button in the navigation bar.
  • Applies a custom theme.
  • Hides the email address in the account switcher.
  • Integrate SponsorBlock.
  • Hides the cast button in the video player.
  • Enables the tablet mini player layout.
  • Shows the dislike count of videos using the Return YouTube Dislike API.
  • Hides creator's watermarks on videos.
  • Disable automatic popup panels (playlist or live chat) on video player.
  • Disable forced captions from being automatically enabled.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Require MicroG to sign-in.

Download YouTube ReVanced & MicroG or ReVanced Manager - Latest Version:
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