XenMedio 2 Improvements

XenMedio 2 Improvements 1.0.0

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XenMedio Improvements is a collection of new features, enhancements and settings for the XenMedio 2 Pro addon by 8WayRun. While XenMedio Improvements is free, it requires a valid purchased license of XenMedio 2 and will not work on its own.

XenMedio Improvements brings a new enhanced media grid, perfectly responsive and handles fantastically on all devices and screen sizes! Further, you can now tweak the appearance of your media items with new Style Properties. You can also add your favorite widgetsa using new sidenav and sidebar locations, which are missing in default XenMedio 2.

  • Improved media grid with better responsiveness
  • New Style Property group for styling media items in the grid
    Style Properties -> [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PRO
  • Set number of items per row, min/max item widths, item spacing etc
  • New sidebar and sidenav on the media index for adding widgets
  • More features coming soon


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