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The XenForo Media Gallery is an add-on that allows you and your users to create galleries of images, videos, and audio in your forum, organized into admin-defined categories or user-created albums.

Media categories
Media will be placed into individual categories that are organized into a tree. In this regard, they are very similar to the node tree.

A category may be one of three types:
  1. Container only: these categories will not contain media or albums, instead serving to organize sub-categories.
  2. Albums only: in these categories, users will create albums that can contain one or more media items. When the category is viewed, there will be one entry for each album.
  3. Media items only: media will be added directly to these categories and not organized into albums. Each media item will be displayed directly when viewing the category.
If your users are likely to upload a number of related pictures (such as from a single event), you will likely want to use album categories. Note that the category type cannot be changed unless the category is empty.

Media fields
Custom media fields allow you to define additional structured fields for users to fill in when creating a thread.

Media fields can be displayed in one of several locations:
  1. Below media item: this will be displayed in the box below the media, with the title and author info.
  2. Bottom of media info block: in the sidebar opposite the comments, in the media information block.
  3. Extra info block: in the sidebar opposite the comments, in a new Extra information block.
  4. New sidebar block: in its own sidebar block, using the custom field's name as the header.
The Media Gallery adds a number of new permissions. When installed, reasonable defaults are selected based on existing permissions. However, you should confirm that the permissions meet your needs and that your moderators have the permissions you want.

The Media Gallery's options can be found in the XenForo media gallery option group.

Some of the changes in XFMG 2.2.5 include:
  • Fix potential out-of-range error with adjusting media counts when albums are deleted
  • Check moderated and deleted states when determining media comment visibility
  • Fix incorrect variable usage in vBulletin importer
  • Use a more generic icon for the default thumbnail for media embed media items.
  • Do not display comments against ratings in the news feed when the comment can no longer be viewed.
  • Add CLI command to rebuild album thumbnails.
  • Prevent adding media to media items if the main add media permission is not given.
  • Skip extension checking for media items that have been transcoded.
  • Add setIsAutomated and setPerformValidations method to media creator.
  • Adjust embedded media items in posts so the container fits the content better.
  • Avoid layout shift when viewing media items.
  • Avoid error logs if there is a non-existent attachment for a media item.
  • Reset view/add privacy when moving album to/from category.
  • Edit default category description to no longer attempt to link to the admin control panel.
  • Include a user's pending media comments in various places
  • Use validator to verify ffmpeg path in media attachment handler
  • Rebuild album privacy caches when merging users
The following public templates have had changes:
  • news_feed_item_xfmg_rating_insert
  • xfmg_comment
  • xfmg_comment_macros
  • xfmg_gallery_bb_code.less
  • xfmg_media_add_macros
  • xfmg_media_list.less
  • xfmg_media_note.less
  • xfmg_media_view.less
  • xfmg_media_view_macros
Where necessary, the merge system within the "outdated templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.


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XenForo Media Gallery gives an error when updating to beta 2. Uninstall XenForo Media Gallery Beta 2 and install XenForo Media Gallery Beta 6 without any problems.