WP Frontend Admin (Premium)

WP Frontend Admin (Premium) 1.19.0

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Displaying wp-admin pages on the frontend using a shortcode.
Manage your site from the frontend, display WP admin pages in the frontend, and create custom dashboards in the frontend. When you are in wp-admin, you will see the "View in the frontend" option in the toolbar. When you click this option, you can automatically see the same page in the web interface as a regular user.

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1. Create a regular page
Create a page with any builder like Elementor, Divi, Brizy, or the normal editor; and just paste our shortcode with the URL of the admin content.

2. Edit Page
We will automatically display a live editor where you can remove elements with one click, edit texts, add the page to a menu, change the page title, URL, template, and more.

3. Easy customizations
Now the page is visible on the the frontend and you can change the frontend navigation and styles using the page builder. We have a gallery of frontend dashboard designs that you can import to create your platform quickly.


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