WP Armour - Honeypot Anti Spam

WP Armour - Honeypot Anti Spam 1.31

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This plugins block spam submissions using honeypot anti spam technic. No Captcha or extra verification field hassle to the users. Only lets spam bots to suffer using our anti spam filter.

How our plugin is different than other honeypot anti spam plugins ?
  • Works for most of the forms and wordpress system including registation and comments. So All in one anti spam solution.
  • No external API calls like Akismet or CleanTalk for spam filtering.
  • GDPR Compliant.
  • Spam bots can’t use javascript so we use javascript to insert honeypot anti spam field in the form and spam bots can’t fill it to pass anti spam test.
  • Unique honeypot field name generated for each wordpress installation, so it is hard for spam bots to make one fit for all solution to bypass honeypot anti spam test.
  • No setup required. Just activate the plugin and it enables anti spam for all supported forms, comment and registration.
WP Armour - Honeypot Anti Spam-1.webp