Ultra fast search - ThunderFinder Module - Pretashop

Ultra fast search - ThunderFinder Module - Pretashop 2.1.1

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Real instant search without monthly fees. Filter by categories and features. Try our demo. Improve your conversions rate.
Faster search, faster navigation, better conversions.

This module enables instant search in your store. Including filter by category and/or feature. Its use is not recommended for stores with more than 50.000 products unless you are really sure your hosting is well configured. This module does not support (yet) non-latin characters

A comfortable navigation is basic for improving conversions. And when talking about e-commerce it is crucial.
This module let your customers perform searches in your site and get result instantly. At the same time the last pressed key is getting up the results are appearing on the screen. Unbelievable, but true. You can see yourself on the demo.

Ten impressive things about this
  • Fastest searches
  • Instant results, no lag.
  • Search in name, reference, short description and long description
  • Minimal configuration
  • Automatic maintenance via cronjob
  • Compatible from up to 1.7.*
  • No fees or accounts required
  • One single module does the job
  • Developed by professionals. High quality code.
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