[tl] Telegram Integration - Xenforo 2

[tl] Telegram Integration - Xenforo 2 1.0.7

[tl] Telegram Integration - Xenforo 2.webp

XenForo with Telegram Bot
Integration Telegram BOT with XenForo 2
For more information about Telegram BOT please read this introduce and see what BOT can do.

Creating a Bot
Open Telegram app and log in your account or create new one if you don't have.
1. Search @BotFather in the search box and start conversation with him
2. Type /newbot to create new Bot and follow the bot guide
Once you complete to create the bot you will get token and its required to use with this add-on

  • Send a message when new access to AdminCP
  • Send a message when you've got new purchase
  • Support custom commands to interact with XenForo
  • /help: To print all available commands
  • /most_viewed_threads: To get 10 top viewed threads sorted by views in 24 hours
  • /most_replied_threads: To get 10 top replied threads sorted by reply count in 24 hours
  • /recent_threads: To get top 10 recent threads in 24 hours
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