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[TH] Question and Answer Forums - Xenforo 2 1.1.4

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Question and Answer Forums
Turn your forum into a knowledge base, support portal, or just a questionnaire based community with Questions & Answer Forums. Your users will be able to post a question, receive answers, and mark which answer fits the best. Bring your community together to help each other.

Administrator Features
  • Set specific threads as Q&A threads, force threads to be made Q&A threads, and target several user statistics whenever user criteria are supported
  • Create a widget for unanswered threads to keep a watch out for those that need answers or latest answering users to see who has answered threads
  • Display order by either best vote (default) or chronologically
  • Importer available for [n] Best Answer / Q&A System add-on
  • Process up/down voting through AJAX so voting doesn't require a page reload
  • Allow thread prefixes to automatically be applied to new Q&A threads as well as a separate prefix for when threads are marked as answered
  • Support for third-party styles
  • Show if a question has been answered or still needs to be answered with a question mark or checkmark displayed on the thread
  • Hide posts if the votes fall below a specified threshold
  • Choose which colors and fonts you want for several locations through style properties
  • Enter the FontAwesome icon you would like for the best answer toggle, answer up vote, answer down vote, thread list question indicator, and the thread list answered question indicator icons
  • Allow users to add or remove question status
  • Utilize inline moderator tools to add/remove Q&A status on threads
  • View user statistics in your administrative panel
  • View who has the most Q&A points, upvotes, and most answers on the Members page
  • Utilize user criteria with user group promotions and other systems that support the user criteria system - can be used to prevent users that usually receive a large number of downvotes to be prevented from replying to Q&A threads for example
  • User criteria includes user has had at least X best answers, had no more than X best answers, received at least X up votes, received no more than X up votes, received at least X down votes, received no more than X down votes, at least X vote points, no more than X vote points, posted at least X questions, and posted no more than X questions
  • Choose whether or not to mark threads as answered automatically
  • Change the question status of multiple threads at a time
  • Supports structured data for SEO and rich search results
User Features
  • Upvote/downvote posts
  • Receive an alert if their post is marked as the best answer
  • View which questions have been answered or still need answers
  • Look back at previous questions and easily identify the best answer
  • Receive community support
  • View a user’s best answers from their profile
  • Filter by unanswered threads on the New posts page


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