Simply Static Pro for Wordpress

Simply Static Pro for Wordpress

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The static site generator for WordPress. Better security, performance for your WordPress website. Host your website way cheaper or even for free with a static solution.


Generate a fully static website with a click of a button.
Simply Static creates the fastest and most secure version of your WordPress website.
Run WordPress headless and remove the burden of updates when using WordPress as a static site generator.

Deploy your website to Github Pages, Cloudflare Pages, Netlify, Vercel, AWS, or any CDN you want with the GitHub Integration of Simply Static.
Never worry about backups, use version control and eliminate hosting costs by using a static website.

Simply Static uses Fuse.js to provide you a fully functional search with auto-suggest.
You can also use Algolia – the most powerful API for search available.

Use Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms to create forms that you can use on your static website. No need to pay external services for that.
Use your own website to receive submissions and send emails when someone gets in contact with you.

Use comments on your static website with Simply Static without any third-party provider.
Simply Static will export a new static version of the page the comment was added to immediately.

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