Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce

Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce 1.2.1

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Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce
Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce helps your shoppers to plan their purchase deliveries on a weekly or monthly basis. As a WooCommerce Store Owner, you can serve your regular customers with ease by delivering the required quantity on specific dates with a single order.

Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce lets your customers regularize their shopping by making a weekly or monthly schedule of their purchase deliveries with selected date and quantity.
The plugin helps the shopper to preset the WooCommerce order delivery dates thereby enabling the store owner to dispatch the products on planned dates. The Schedule Delivery for WooCommerce well suits the grocery, milk stores, canned water distributors, caterers, pet foods, etc. having an online WooCommerce store.

Key Features
  • Configure Shop Availability: By defining a start date, end date, and holidays from the admin end, easily preset the available order delivery dates.
  • Calendar View to Schedule Date, Time & Quantity: Shoppers can easily schedule the order delivery dates and time by adding the required quantities in a monthly calendar.
  • Delivery Status for Shoppers and Admin: Know the status of completed and pending deliveries from both admin and shopper end.
  • Hold Your Deliveries with a Single Click: Allow shoppers/admin to hold or cancel deliveries for any specific date in the future without trouble.
  • Delivery Plan Showcase: Other than Order detail page, choose to display the delivery plan on the cart page, checkout page, and thank you page as per your requirement.
  • Style-up Your Delivery Calendar: Customize your calendar and text to suit the colors and theme of your WooCommerce product page.