Power ChatBot - Auto Attendant

Power ChatBot - Auto Attendant 2.4.0

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Power ChatBot is an automated and personalized attendant tool to better serve your customers or their needs. Meet your messaging demand 24 hours a day, with no monthly fees or additional costs. The tool allows you to create a fully customized menu of options, sending offers in image and text format, sending media files, sending job offers, pre-defined messages and much more…

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Chat Bot Features
✔ Version compiled with installer.
✔ Multiple Languages.
✔ Available in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese – Brazil.
✔ Send Static Text.
✔ Send Offers (Image and Text).
✔ Send Job Openings.
✔ Send image, video, audio, pdf and other files.
✔ Send contacts from the phonebook.
✔ Multiple instances.
✔ Dynamic Menu Creation.
✔ Create menu and submenu..
✔ Save Customer Registration.
✔ Import and Export Customers.
✔ Import and Export vcard.
✔ SQLite Data Base.
✔ Clean and Organized Code.
✔ License Generator (Extended license only).
✔ C# Source Code (Extended license only).

Google Chromes Updates
Attention, whenever your browser updates, please go to the link below and download the webdriver corresponding to your version and replace the file chromedriver.exe with the current version downloaded.

✔ Windows 7 to 10 (Personal computer).
✔ Windows Server 2012 to 2019 (VPS Server).
✔ Visual Studio 2017 to 2019.
✔ Minimum Hardware 2 Core and 2 GB of Ram.
✔ Install .Net Framework 4.6.1.
✔ Install Google Chrome.
✔ Knowledge in C# Forms (Extended license only).
✔ Knowledge in SQLite (Extended license only).
✔ Normal or Business WhatsApp Account.