[Please read this when you join XenVn.Com]

[Please read this when you join XenVn.Com]

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We welcome everyone to visit and join XenVn.Com.webp

We welcome everyone to visit and join XenVn.Com!

I built this forum because I am passionate about programming. This is where I share what I've gathered and learned from the world.
XenVn add-on for Xenforo is part of my passion, it can be said as a small source of income to help me keep this forum alive.
If you come to XenVn.Com for the purpose of searching and learning knowledge. We welcome you. Otherwise, please leave.

The free sharing resources on XenVn.Com are compiled by us from many sources online. You can download all resources for free.
  • We respect copyright issues. If there are problems, please contact us to resolve.
  • We do not resell the copyrighted resources of others.
  • Most of the resources are checked by us to make sure it is safe.
  • We are not responsible for the resources shared by members.
In addition, we also run Google ads on the page to find additional income. So please temporarily disable Ad Blocking Add-ons or VPN, DNS, Ad Blocking Software to be able to access the site. Try reloading the page a few times after disabling ad-blockers.

Note: All posts with spam, meaningless content,... will be deleted without notice. Spam users will be permanently banned.

See more information at the Help Page:
If you find an error, please contact @xenvn to report it (thanks for that) :)

Be respectful and polite in communication on XenVn.Com.
Thank you! :coffee:
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