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One-Signal Push Notifications - Xenforo 2 1.0.2

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OneSignal is well-known worldwide as a tool for communication. By simplifying pushing notifications and emails with the zero budget for everyone, OneSignal received USD 7 million in Serie A. The application helps to save time for administrators of websites in focusing more on quality user engagement instead of worrying about complex implementation. Now it comes to Xenforo with Brivium.
The add-on allows integrating OneSignal into your site’s Xenforo system. By accepting the using push notification system of the browser, the users could receive notifications or notices from the system even when they are not online on the forum/website.

The announcements of the forum through add-on are integrated with the Alert system of Xenforo. Besides, the administrators could send private notices to users due to justified conditions.


- Options:

+ Supports Chrome (Desktop & Android), Safari (Mac OS X), and Firefox (Desktop) on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.
+ Enter the Default title, Default Notification or Url for the prompt.
+ Allow Dismissing Notifications (Chrome Desktop ver. 47+).
+ Allow Auto Register with HTTPS.
+ Allow configuration of Prompt Option.
+ Allow changing Welcome message.
+ Allow to change Notify button, in regard of size, position or theme.

- Notification Customization: The administrator could send notifications to the subscribers under the following criteria:

+ Platform (All/Desktop/Mobile).
+ User Type (All/Guest/Member).

- Automatic Notifications: Automatically send notifications to subscribers when they received the alerts from the forum, such as “X mention you in a message.”; “X likes your message.”; “X quotes your message.” Etc.

- The administrator could choose the type of alerts that could be sent at the same time, according to the form of pushed notifications.

- When the user does not allow to receive alerts in their Alert Preferences, the notifications to those alerts have no affection.
- When creating an application in OneSignal, the user must choose Integration as Custom Code status.

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