Monolog Logging Service - Xenforo 2

Monolog Logging Service - Xenforo 2 4.0.0

Monolog Logging Service - Xenforo 2.webp

This XenForo 2.x addon adds logging functionality using the Monolog library from


v3.x of this addon uses Monolog v1
v4.x of this addon uses Monolog v2
There is currently no difference in functionality between the two versions other than the version of Monolog used.

  • Log to a file
  • Send logs via email
  • Emailed logs are deduplicated and buffered
  • Configure minimum logging levels for files vs email logging
  • Add extra visitor data to logs: user_id and username
  • Add extra web data to logs: current request URI, request method and client IP
  • Test tool included to verify that logs are being written to disk - go to AdminCP > Tools > Checks and tests > Test Monolog


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