[MMO] RSS Feed for Yandex.Turbo Pages - Xenforo 2

[MMO] RSS Feed for Yandex.Turbo Pages - Xenforo 2 2.2.2

[MMO] RSS Feed for Yandex.Turbo Pages - Xenforo 2.webp

The add-on allows you to send RSS feed for Yandex.Turbo technology
As a source of Turbo pages, you need to use a link of the form: yourdomain/yturbo-feed.xml
At the moment, the minimum version of php is 7.0. In future releases and additions, I will be using php 7.3/7.4. 7.0-7.2 are outdated versions without support or updates.
php 7.3 only gets security updates until 6 Dec 2021. Switching to newer php versions is done after updating my working machine

With the Turbo page technology, you can create light versions of pages that open fast even when the user's internet connection is slow. Turbo pages load about 15 times faster than regular pages.
This speed is achieved by optimizing layout, storing page content on Yandex servers, and using our own content delivery network.
In search results, Yandex.News, Zen and other Yandex services, Turbo pages are marked with the icon.

Instant loading and convenient reading
Turbo pages load 15 times faster with a 3G connection. This reduces the bounce rate by an average of 30%.
Reduced server loadUsing our own content delivery network reduces the number of requests to your server.Extended snippets in searchTurbo pages are used for generating extended snippets in search results.

Automatic recommendations feed
The automatic feed is generated from related pages on your site. When you enable the feed, these pages are displayed one after the other. This can increase the number of pageviews by up to 30%.


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