[MMO] Block Proxies - Xenforo 2

[MMO] Block Proxies - Xenforo 2 2.0.0

[MMO] Block Proxies - Xenforo 2.webp

[MMO] Block Proxies 2.0.0 - plug-in for XenForo 2 which will block ports 80 and 443, which are the usual open proxy ports.

- Lock ports 80 and 443
- Exclude specific proxy servers from blocking based on their IP addresses (whitelist)
- Stop access to most of the most popular proxies (for example, Hide My Ass and Tor Browser)
- You can block users for nato
- Some universities, libraries, companies and countries (for example, Singapore) access the network through the gateway proxy server, so they will be blocked from using your forums
- Not all proxies will be blocked