IPBee - PixelExit.com - Xenforo 2 Style

IPBee - PixelExit.com - Xenforo 2 Style 2.2.1

IPBee - PixelExit.com - Xenforo 2 Style.webp

IPBee was a fun little project we built early on just to test out the style system. This is NOT powered by our framework so it does not have any additional options we mentioned in our premium styles. This is a basic reskin of the default XenForo style.

To install:
  1. Upload contents of /styles/ to your /styles/ folder
  2. Import style-IPBee-(Parent Do not edit).xml
  3. Create a new child style of the newly imported IPBee, this child style is where all of your edits should go
  4. Set a logo: Style Properties -> Basic Options


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