Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping + Actions) Module Prestashop

Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping + Actions) Module Prestashop 4.7.28

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Export your products on Google Merchant Center. Show them on Google Shopping & partners, manage Shopping Actions orders from PrestaShop

Showcase your products on all of Google Shopping ads channels, develop your international visibility in an accelerated way and get thousands of high qualified new visitors on your shop.

NEW: Be present on Google Shopping Actions!
Also sell your products on Google Shopping Actions, and manage orders from this channel directly from your PrestaShop back office thanks to our module!
(*) Additional paid service, offered during the entire beta period. Registrations subject to validation.

With over a decade of success, our Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) module is by far the most robust and complete Google Shopping module on the market. Far ahead of its competitors, our module is recommended by the largest e-commerce agencies, on the one hand for its simplicity of configuration and on the other hand for the guarantee of exporting to Google Merchant Center a high quality data feed that meets all Google's requirements.

We started from a simple observation: the performance of your Google Shopping ads depends largely on the completeness of the product feed data. The more information you send, the better the results! This comprehensive module allows you to maximize your chances of getting good rankings on Google Shopping while minimizing the time you need to invest in order to achieve this result.

The module has been developed to allow you to create, step by step, a product data feed for which you are in control of the information. We have included, throughout the configuration, links to precise and complete documentation based on Google's official regulations. You quickly get a clear product data file that you can export to Google Merchant Center and which you can schedule to be updated automatically at the desired frequency.

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